The Hall of Fame Inductees Are As Followed:

Name Year Inducted Association
Kevin E. Sprague 2022 U.S.. Army Corp of Engineers
Captain Paul C. LaMarre Jr. 2022 Gaelic Tugboat Co. & Diamond Jack’s River
Laurence G. Pathy 2021 Fednav Limited
Mark Ruge 2018 K&L Gates
Captain WIlliam A. Hoey III (Posthumous) 2015 Gaelic Tugboat Co. & Diamond Jack’s River Tours
Captain Jack Purvis 2015 Purvis Marine, Ltd
Captain Scott F. Bravener 2013 Lower Lakes Towing, Ltd.
Mark J. Rohn 2011 Grand River Navigation Company
Robert F. Dorn 2009 The Interlake Steamship Company
Dewey P. Aston (Posthumous)
2009 The Interlake Steamship Company
Davis Helberg 2007 Duluth/Seaway Port Authority
George J. Ryan 2006 Lake Carriers’ Association
John G. Tanner 2005 Great Lakes Maritime Academy
Captain F. “Skipper” Manzutti (Posthumous) 2004 Manzutti Marine
Wesley R. Harkins 2004 Fraser Shipyards, Inc.
Captain John P. Wellington 1993 Wellington Maritime
Thomas Manse  1983 Le Sault de Sainte Marie Historical Sites, Inc.
Howard F. Andrews 1979 Carryore Ltd.
Eugene “Shine” Sundstrum 1977 Soo Evening News
Honorable John Black Aird  1976  Algoma Central Railway
James R. Barker 1975 Moore-McCormack Resources, Inc. (Pickands Mather)
Christian F. Beukema 1974 U.S. Steel Corporation
Oliver T. Burnham 1973 Lake Carriers’ Association
Stoddard White 1972 Detroit News
John Wellington McGiffin 1972 Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd.
George M. Steinbrenner III 1971 American Shipbuilding Company
Vice Admiral James A. Hirshfield 1970 Lake Carriers’ Association
Henry G. Steinbrenner 1967 Kinsman Marine Transit Company
Captain Thomas F. Harbottle 1965 Pittsburg Steamship Co.
John D. Leitch 1964 Upper Lakes Shipping Company
Merril E. Kingsbury 1963 Wilson Marine Transit Company
Captain Robert Scott Misener 1962 Scott Misener Steamship Company
Vice Admiral Lyndon Spencer  1961 Lake Carriers’ Association
Commander Elmer J. Bodenlos  1959 U.S. Coast Guard
Colonel Loren W. Olmstead  1958 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Alexander T. Wood 1957 Wilson Marine Transit Company
Harold L. Gobeille 1956 The Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company
John J. Boland 1955 American Steamship Company