Explore An Actual Great Lakes Freighter!

The Museum Ship Valley Camp offers more than just a tour of her deck. Housed inside her massive cargo holds is a 20,000 square foot museum with over 100 exhibits!

Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial & Exhibit

Our Edmund Fitzgerald exhibit holds the two lifeboats from the stricken vessel.  Torn away during the sinking, these lifeboats are two of very few major artifacts recovered after the tragic demise.  The exhibit also features an hour long presentation about the events that occurred on November 10, 1975 which caused the tragic loss of one of the Great Lakes’ largest freighters.


In addition to the museum exhibits, the Museum Ship Valley Camp displays four 1,200 gallon aquariums stocked with various species of fish from the Great Lakes region.  The fish are supplied by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and by the Michigan Wholesale Bait of Alanson, Michigan.

Crew’s Quarters

The Valley Camp once housed a crew of 29 men in her cabins.  Visitors are able to view these cabins to witness firsthand the lifestyle of Great Lakes sailors.  From the nicely appointed Captain’s Quarters to the plain accommodations lived in by the Oilers and the Coal Passers, visitors are able to see how these sailors lived and worked aboard ship.

Fitzgerald Room on Valley Camp
Valley Camp Dinning Hall
Kids Aquarium

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